Heart Visions

An art book about healing
and leading.

Order your copy of long anticipated book: Heart Visions, 175 pages with 66 full color paintings, poetry and stories regarding art and the development of consciousness.

A visual and poetic presentation

Heart Visions is a beautiful and evocative book of visual and poetic images. The body of work delights the aesthetics, stimulates the intellect and invites the heart to step into heightened visions of creative and spiritual potency. The book enlightens and saddens. It offers hope and encourages actions toward an egalitarianism that includes the honoring of humans, nature and the environment. The book traverses paths from early consciousness of creativity and indivisibility with nature through tribulations of grief and loss to notions of hope and tenderness. It guides the reader on a journey from the wellspring of author’s creativity, to the birthplace of my spiritual and socio-political consciousness expressed through more than sixty poetically annotated paintings. The book is a must read for those interested in art and the development of consciousness.

The arts can heal and lead. I just put the last ink on my book about art and socio-spiritual and socio-political consciousness. If all practitioners of the arts raised pens and brushes, voices and vibrations in service of healing the insults to sacredness, illumining indivisibilities of life and struggling against the debaucheries of greed and presumed superiority, we could turn around the madnesses that abound in today’s world.

A beautiful and evocative book of visual and poetic images

Creating this book was an attempt to chronicalize my artistic journey from a heeding of internal calls towards an expansiveness of consciousness and commitment. Viewed are some sixty annotated images arranged in thematic categories of awakening, to journeying with and embracing of life. It is my hope that my work delights the senses and inspires the soul.